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My Lucky Star – New MVs

Hi Guys!!! I can’t believe how I’m so addicted to this series. I know that there are ony 4 episodes released with subs, but I can’t help but continue to watch the raw ones. OMG!!! The best story that the events make me hold my breath!!! Arrgggg!!!

Here are some new MVs for this series:

Moments Of Love – My Lucky Star MV

My Luck Star MV – Cherie Amour


My Lucky Star ep.01


Ah Xing met Shi San her fiance at the restaurant. They are meeting up with a client of whom they are going to sell a jewelry. Ah Xing and her fiance are con-artists and they want to sell this jewelry for they want to have funds for their wedding. Tian Qi is coming to the same restaurant to met his girlfriend Ya Rou. Tian Qi bears the news that he was able to acquire the racing contract to Italy and that she could come with him. He presents her a single earing. A jewel made by his mother and states that he wants to give it to the woman that he loves. He added that he is already wearing the other half, a sign of their engagement. “Marry me” he says.

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My Lucky Stars

Front Cover

Official website: SETTV , TTV
Cast: Jimmy Lin, Yoo Ha Na, Li Wei, Hong Xiao Ling, Li Wei Lian, Huang Yu Rong, Song Zhi Ai…
Genre: Romantic-Comedy!!!

Zhong Tian Qi, a second son of a jewelry tycoon and Xia Zhi Xing a con-artist, who is out for her probation, experience the pain of loosing their love on the same day. He’s running away from his brother’s and ex-girlfriend’s engagement party with a heirloom jewelry in tow and she is welcoming her freedom with the hopes that she will see her boyfriend again. He bumps into her and drops the jewelry in her hand, mistaken theft identities follows and hilarities ensues…

What’s unusual is that fate has hurdled them on that same day in an accident/trouble that will have them running away handcuffed together! This situation leads to more trouble, and brings these two opposing people to a hilarious yet wonderful journey, that explores the insanities that comes with love, the self-confidence to have the heart that distinguishes between sincerity and lies, and the experiences of pains and sacrifices to make love happen!