This site is now known by that name. This site will serve as a collective site for all my fansites or other online material that corresponds to my hobbies. I decided to share it to everyone so that they can also enjoy and appreciate other artforms creating a friendly cyber environment.

Sarangeh >>it all started February 15, 2005. A few weeks before this date, I have discovered a Korean drama titled “Full House”. Being a Certified Korean Drama Addict, I went and checked it out. At first, my impression of the actor Rain (Young-jae) was like, Why Him? I don’t think he goes together with the lead actress. But the longer I watch the drama, the more enthralled I am on watching, specially with Rain himself. Starting with him being a prick and grew to like watching him make his stupid remarks or evil smile. He he he ^^. Without even realizing that I am becoming a full house addict. After watching the full series. I decided to share my love and passion with other fans or other people who is yet to discover the wonderful story of this TV Series.

The word Sarangeh is derived from the korean word, Sarangaehyo, I hope I spelt it right. But anyway, the word means I Love You (with immense feeling of love). I named my site that, just because I know for a fact, that every person who will watch fullhouse for the first time will eventually come to not just like the show, but LOVE iT!!!

I have made other sites as well, but its hard to maintain multiple sites, So I just decided to combine all my sites into one, that way it won’t be that hard to maintain. A few months later, this site grew, with its fans and other supporters. Next few more months people wanting to help keep this site afloat, offered their help, thus staff started to form. From being a solely person such as I, became not just one but more, and became the family of sarangeh.

Until to this day to more upcoming days, we will continue to offer this site for fans who will appreciate the contents of sarangeh.


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