My Lucky Star ep.01


Ah Xing met Shi San her fiance at the restaurant. They are meeting up with a client of whom they are going to sell a jewelry. Ah Xing and her fiance are con-artists and they want to sell this jewelry for they want to have funds for their wedding. Tian Qi is coming to the same restaurant to met his girlfriend Ya Rou. Tian Qi bears the news that he was able to acquire the racing contract to Italy and that she could come with him. He presents her a single earing. A jewel made by his mother and states that he wants to give it to the woman that he loves. He added that he is already wearing the other half, a sign of their engagement. “Marry me” he says.

Meanwhile, Ah Xing and She San are discussing that the client had took the bait. Ah Xing added that she will be meeting another client that is also interested to the said jewelry. Unbeknownst to them there are undercover agents ready to pounce on them. Ya Rou declares that she can’t marry him. Tian Qi looks at her bewildered and asks what does she mean. She admits that she had already chosen someone else, and flashes him a ring on her finger. He asks how can that be possible, and asks her if that someone is better than him. Ya rou states that indeed everything about this person is better than him and that he puts her at his center. Tian Qi protests, “And I don’t?” Ya Rou tells him, that his personality is like a wind. the wind only has direction and reasons, how can a wind have a center. She said:”let’s break up” Tian Qi agrees and tells her that she better be sure that she won’t be regretting this decision. He takes the other earing, gets up and leaves.

The agents move in for their arrest, and states that they are arresting Ah Xing and Shi san for fraud. The couple bailed out and made a run for it. Ah Xing tells Shi San that she will cover for him. She ran in the opposite direction and bumps into Tian Qi. He took a hold of her because she had grabbed the earing from his hands. The police caught up with them, and were able to arrest her. While being put into the police car, she shouts that she was supposed to get married after this last job and she will never forgive him for ruining her happiness! He looks at her, feeling kind of sorry that she is being taken away.


One year later, Ah Xing is granted a parole. Inside the cell, she bids farewell to her friends and almost got into a fight with one cellmate for she was warning her that she should not keep her hopes up for her fiance, and based on her experience that she too, took the blame for a man, but the man had moved on and have had 3 kids from another woman, while she is suffering inside prison. Ah Xing admits that she knows that her friend is just looking out for her and hands her a bracelet she had made, and bids everyone good-bye. She welcomes the outside world with open arms for she was excited that she is going to see her fiance! She heads straight to the secret locker in the airport to retrieve her hidden belongings. Tian Qi is being escorted out from the airport, by bodyguards. He does not want to be in the engagement party for his brother and ex-girlfriend. The bodyguard mentioned that he was missing for one year and that his father will be glad that they had found him. Tian Qi escaped and made a run for it… away from the guards.

On the other hand, Ah Xing is opening her belongings inside the stall of the girls’ washroom and delighted that with her secret stash she will be able to buy a present for Shi san and surprise him. Tian Qi went inside the ladies room and bumped into her who had just came out of the stall. She screamed but Tian Qi covered her mouth and dragged her inside the toilet stalls. She noticed an earing on his left ear. And suddenly it dawned on her, this man is wearing the same earing as the man who had caused her to get arrested a year ago!! “IT”S HIM!!!” He told her that he only needs to hide for a bit and he won’t harm her, and asks her if she could keep still and so long as she doesn’t make noise he will let her go. She nodded in agreement. He lets her go and she lets out a huge scream!!!!

HELP ME! There is a pervert in the girl’s bathroom!!!! (hits him with her bag and kicks him with all her might.)

The guards who were lurking outside the washrooms hears her scream and rushed inside. They are weirded out to see one stall shaking!! (*this will go to my favorite scenes list!) Inside the cubicle, Ah Xing and Tian Qi are struggling with each other, until Tian Qi pushed her down to the toilet seat, not noticing that he sandwich himself in between her legs!! (Ha! HA! HA!) The struggle continues and she still yells and kicks! Until the front door gave way and the guards saw a very intimate predicament of the two! (har har har)


Tian Qi was succesfully escorted out to the car and one of the guards mentions that his older brother wants his attendance to the ceremony and it would mean a lot for him. He gives in and drives the car to the party with a vengeance. Because now, he realizes that the person who is better than him is his older brother and feels humiliated for the betrayal of his former girlfriend.

In order to avenge his lover’s betrayal, Zhong Tian Qi deliberately steals away the priceless jewelry, Queen Mary, thereby ruining the ceremony. Xia just came out of the store of Mont Blanc when she bumps into someone who is running away from the security people. They immediately recognize each other. Tian Qi apologizes and continued to run, while, Ah Xing noticed a necklace on the floor, she picks it up and a handcuff was put in her hands. The security people thought that she was an accomplice. She was surprised and she protested that she just got out of jail and that she was innocent. Tian Qi, felt bad that she was being accused, so he went back to help, but because she wants to prove her innocence she cuffs him and takes away the jewel. She declares that she will bring him to the police. Tian Qi resisted and dashed out dragging her along with him. He hot wired a car but the other cars/drivers are no match with his driving skills as he raced to the outskirts of the city.

He took a mallet from the trunk of the car and starts to pound on the handcuffs wanting to separate them. Ah Xing stops him and mentions what will happen to her if he runs away, there will be no other way to prove her innocence with that necklace. He asks for it back, and she refuses to give it to him. He starts to feel all her pockets. She yells pervert! Pervert! And made a dash-grab to her pocket to get the necklace and drops it inside her bra! She goaded him, come and get it if you can! ^_^ He sighs, “why does he have to be handcuffed with a hooligan like her.” She told him that she will tell on him with her boyfriend. She went inside his car and made a call, Shi san answered on the second ring and Ah Xing is delighted to hear his voice, she mentions her name and that she is now a free woman. Another voice is on background asking who it was, Shi san suddenly says its a wrong number and hangs up.


Tian Qi teases that her fiance might have somebody else. She denies and reasons out that Shi san might be watching a drama and that voice might be from the T.V. She dials back but the phone is now turned off. He teases her again, while she notices a gun on the side of the car. She takes it and points at him, and demands that he drives and takes her to wherever she wants to go. They were able to reach the apartment that She and Shi san used to live. The landlady informs her that unfortunately he had moved out. Ah Xing saw the stick-on stars and memories floods back in her mind. Tian Qi is just quietly watching her and thinks that those stars might be given to her by Shi san, he ponders that Ya Rou had left him for social status that diamond/jewel has brought and yet Ah Xing is upset over those worthless stars. He thinks that she is really an idiot. Ah Xing shouts to the landlay that she can’t throw all those stars away. The landlady tells her to wake up because Shi san owes her three months rent and that he had runaway with his pregnant wife in the middle of the night. Ah Xing is shocked upon hearing this. She accuses the lady of lying and reasons that Shi san loves her, waving the gun at her hand. Tian Qi stops her and helps her to calm down before she shots someone. But Both Xia and Tian Qi realizes that its a gun cigarette lighter. The landlady decided to might as well tell her everything. She tells Xia, that it has not been a year since she went to prison Shi san had already brought home another girl. They plan to get married and sent an invitation. The landlady showed it to her. Xia was disheartened, tears start to swell in her eyes, while the woman bellowed out how stupid she is that she took the blame for him and went to jail, does she really think that the guy would really be thankful and would treasure her. Would a man love a woman with a past? She added that Shi san used those stupid little plastic stars to win her, and only stupid woman like her would be so silly to believe in a swindler like him. Tian Qi saw tears run down Xia’s face, and he puts his arms protectively around her, he shouts back, “are you done talking?! Does it matter that she was in jail before? You have no right to say that about her!” He comforts her that she does not need to listen to all this and that they can go and find him. They were able to find Shi san and he was shock to see Ah Xing standing outside his door. She questions him about his promises to marry her and throws the plastic stars at him. There’s noise of falling objects inside the house. Shi san rushed in to find his pregnant wife bleeding. He panics, but Tian Qi reassures him that they can help him they have a car to take her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Shi san’s wife is having an internal hemorrhage and they need more blood (type b), the nurse is about to go away when, Ah Xing called out that she has that type of blood. Ah Xing tears up quietly as she watches Shi san care for his wife, while blood is taken and transferred to other side of the bed. Tian Qi watches and sees through her whole painful ordeal, and as tears roll down her face, he holds her hand.

Shi san’s wife is now safe, and far from danger. Ah Xing narrates to Tian Qi that she did not expect this kind of situation and that she has no idea that everything would end this way. She tells him how every single day she thought of Shi san and how she misses him so much that it almost drove her crazy. That when she was still locked up all she could ever think about is the day that she is going to see him and imagine how happy he ‘d be to see her. She blames herself for impulsively running over at his place confronting Shi san. She adds that if she had not done it, Mei mei (Shi san’s wife) could not have fallen. He holds her hand and comforts her. Tian Qi assures her that she will be fine, specially now, that Mei mei has her strong blood. Ah Xing tells him, that his hands are very big and warm. Tian Qi is embarrassed and tells her that he is just pretending to comfort a family pet. PET! She spat out that she does not need him comforting her, for she is the invincible Xia Zhi Xing! He smiles and asks her, that how is that her attitude changes as often as the wind? He realizes that what he said is the same thing what Ya Rou told him a year ago. He looks at her, and weaves out her hair to the side. Shi san ran to them and reports that his wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Mei mei, invited them to come and try to hold the baby. She also asks for Ah Xing’s forgiveness and that she knew everything about her. Ah Xing also apologizes for creating a not so pleasant situation. Mei Mei, stops her from apologizing and instead insists that she should be the one to apologize and moreover the fact that she gave her blood and had saved her and the baby. Mei mei hopes that she could be her baby’s god mother. Ah Xing agrees and asks Shi san to please step ouside to talk. Shi san stepped out of the room and suddenly dropped down to his knees and begs for her forgiveness. She asks him why did he not inform her of this at the very beginning. He answers because he knows that she would never forgive him. Xia looks up and caught Mei mei looking, Xia tells Shi san to stand up and he does not need to kneel down infront of her. She nonchalantly explains that she did not go there to pick a fight, and gave Shi san the best smile ever. Shi san stands up looking confused. She continues on, that she came to him to show off her new boyfriend. She introduces Tian Qi, as her arts and crafts coordinator when she was still in jail, and points at his ears to comment that Tian Qi and her had designed that earing as a symbol of their love. She looks at Tian Qi, and held on tight on his hands, as if asking for strength and support. Tian Qi as if on cue, agrees and confirms that it is a symbol of their love. Ah Xing added that the handcuffs serve as a form of souvenir from jail and that Tian Qi loves her very much. In all this long talk, Shi san still looks dazed and confused, while Ah Xing and Tian Qi hands him an envelope a gift for Shi san’s marriage. She continued on, that she is sorry for she is the one that cheated on him first, and hopes that he could forgive her. Shi San took their hand and assures that he could not be mad at all, but instead he is happy for them, because finally Ah Xing is able to find her happiness. Tian Qi introduces himself, and Shi san thanks him for taking care of Ah Xing, he added on to not be fooled by her fearless attitude, for she in actuality is not really brave, she is orphaned at a young age, and had to grow up alone, Ah Xing could not hide her pain, she turned around to hide her tears while Tian Qi looked onto her understanding her pain. Shi san explains that she is still stubborn and does not easily open up to strangers, however she is easily satisfied, easily content, and that if you give her an ice cream when she is feeling angry and low and she will smile again. Shi san asks Tian Qi if he could make her happy and that way he feels a bit less guilty. Tian Qi assures him that he does not need to feel guilty, he hugs Ah Xing and states that She is the woman that he loves the most. He does not want men to worry about her for he will feel jealous. Ah Xing added that he does not need to worry and that she wishes him that he could live happily ever after with Mei mei, and turns to Tian Qi, “Let’s Go, baby’s god father”.


Tian qi and Xiah turned and left. Tian Qi reassures her that she had acted well. They have reached the outside of the hospital and Xia could not take it anymore she broke down and cried. Tian Qi reminded her that now she is crying what happened to her threat about torturing him and breaking his tendons. She still cries not minding that he is teasing her, he asks her, “Do you want to lean on my shoulder?” She refuses, but even if she did, he pulled her close to him and offered a shoulder to cry on. She laments that now she has nothing, but Tian Qi asserts that she has the world’s most beautiful heart. She felt a bit awkward and unwrapped herself from his arms and thanks him for acting along. She wipes her tears brashly and he turned her face to him and gently brushed the tears away. Again, she felt a bit awkward and again thanked him for being there with her facing Shi san. He retorts back, how can he leave, aiming that they are handcuffed together. She took a bobby pin and pick the lock to set them free. He asked her, why did she not take it off earlier. She answers him that she is afraid that he might run away and she might take all the blame for stealing. Then he fired back, then this time, is she not worried. She replies, it does not matter anymore, because her goal for leaving jail is gone. She said her good-bye and walked off. Tian Qi starts to walk the other way when he hears a loud hunk, he looked back and Ah Xing is walking towards oncoming traffic unknowingly!!!!
(see you on the next episode)


First off I would like to say sorry, I went into too much detail in their dialogs cause I got carried away, so pardon me fellas.

For this first episode I am impressed and I enjoyed the fast paced and have-all the elements storyline it has. Action. Comedy. Romance. Drama. You name it, everything is rolled into one. The scenes are downright funny, specially to the part where they will meet again! That was soo hilarious that I had to watch it over and over!

Character-wise, the actors played their part really well, and the chemistry oozes between the two main leads. My only problem is the dubbing for the female lead. Perhaps she might not have the Taiwanese accent for I also noticed that in Tokyo Juliet, where Wu Zun’s first acting debut is dubbed as well. But I can still live with it. Ah Xing, as now I’m getting used to calling her, is a girl who loves whole-heartedly. My heart went out for her when she saw Mei mei looking on to them while Shi san is kneeling asking for forgiveness. She probably thought that the last thing she could do, to protect her love for him and keep the pride for herself is to pretend that she is okay with all the things that got thrown at her. Tian Qi is not your typical rich snobby man. He is a person who wants to be recognize for his own hard work. He is awesome with cars! Ohhhh!! The car chases are awesome, its like Initial D! I find Tian Qi’s character very expressive, even though he sounds sarcastic at times and teases a lot, he is soft at heart and strong willed. The actor chosen to play his character plays it well. Tian Qi has the most expressive eyes!!!

Ya rou on the other hand is to ambitious and is running away from her past. She has not yet gotten on my nerves yet, which is okay, coz I hate to feel the need to kill and strangle the villain in every drama. he he he. All in All this drama started good and I hope that will still maintain the pace and interaction between its characters.



“This day, on the same street, two people were abandoned by love at the same time. One was me, who possess the riches of the jewelry empire. The other was the thief who went to jail for love. But neither of us thought that this chance meeting was actually the start of a new relationship.
– Tian Qi


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