Successful Story of a Bright Girl

Bright Girl

16 Episodes

Jang Nara
Jang Hyuk
Han Eun-jung
Ryu Soo-young


Poor Cha Yang-soon: she daydreams through school, is super poor and her parents are con artists. To add to her troubles, the locals have taken her away from her grandmother and sent her to Seoul to earn back all of the money her parents stole. In Seoul she discovers she’s been hired as the housekeeper for Han Gi-tae, a short-tempered young cosmetics executive she met earlier under very unusual circumstances. Gi-tae’s fiancee Yoon Na-hee immediately decides that she hates Yang-soon and does her best to torment her as often as possible. Gi-tae’s poor people skills have earned him many enemies, including his cousin Han Joon-tae; to make matters worse, Joon-tae is in love with Na-hee. Gi-tae’s increasing interest in Yang-soon leads Na-hee to conspire with Joon-tae, and Gi-tae is cheated out of the cosmetics company and he falls into poverty. Yang-soon’s determination and perpetual happiness encourage Gi-tae to form a plan to get his company back. Can Gi-tae overcome his past bad attitude, get his house and company back and win Yang-soon’s heart in the process?

My Own Thoughts: 4/5 stars
This was my very first drama ever watched. A girl who is from a countryside falls into a situation where she has to work off as a housemaid to payoff her parents debt. The storyline is perfectly executed and the main character’s chemistry sizzles through the screen. This drama is enjoyable to watch except the dragging parts to where they have to win his company back. The delivery of their lines is perfect, specially Yang-soon’s countryside accent! The characters’ emotions are well portrayed, and can be felt throughout the drama specially in my favorite scene. T_T

A must see! And good to own for its enjoyable value!


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