Smiling Pasta

Smiling Pasta

Chen Xiao Shi believes herself to be cursed when it comes to love, having been dumped 16 times. She is heartbroken when boyfriend number 17 breaks up with her too. He Jun is an idol singer who has just had his heart publicly broken by his longtime girlfriend, Rita, who left him for his younger brother, Ah Zhe. While evading a couple of reporters, He Jun bumps into Xiao Shi, who ends up falling on top of him and kissing him.

Pictures of their kiss are splashed all over the newspapers the next day. To avoid a scandal, He Jun’s manager/agent announces that Xiao Shi is actually He Jun’s fiancée. Xiao Shi agrees to the charade in order to not disappoint her family, who are expecting her to bring home boyfriend number 17. Thus begins the love story of Turtle Girl and Jinx (He Jun and Xiao Shi’s nicknames for each other).


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