Full House


16 episodes

Song Hye Gyo
Rain (bi)
Han Eun Jeung

After returning from her vacation, aspiring author Han Ji Eun discovers that her family home has been sold – without her consent – to famous actor Lee Young Jae. Young Jae has been trying to hide out from some nasty rumors about his sexuality and sees a perfect opportunity: he and Ji Eun will enter into a contractual marriage and pretend to be a real couple. In exchange, Ji Eun will do the cooking and cleaning and the house will be hers again after six months. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! Young Jae has been allowing the rumors to fly because he’s really too afraid to tell his childhood friend Kang Hae Won that he’s in love with her. Hae Won is blissfully unaware of Young Jae’s feelings because she is love with their other childhood friend, Yoo Min Hyuk. As if that weren’t enough of a love tangle, Ji Eun starts to fall for Young Jae despite their promise to keep things ‘just business’, and Min Hyuk starts to fall for Ji Eun. Will everyone end up happy, or will there be more than one broken heart?

My Own thoughts: 5/5
This drama is a romantic-comedy drama that was adapted from a manwha with the same name. It’s a show that is veering away from the tragic, sad dramas on that year. I gave this a perfect 5 star because it only not satisfied me with its happy ending, but the characters left me breathless, wanting the drama to continue and never end. When I watch this drama, it seems that I am in my own world, laughing away my problems.

The character’s interaction and chemistry is more than a hundred percent. The portrayal of each actor on their persona emits through them and as I watch them, I don’t see them as the actors but the character they portray. There never was a dull moment in this drama, its just perfect, and because of my obsession I bought the original from YESASIA.COM and its well worth it!

Here is a link for the animated gifs. Please do not direct link to it. Save it in your own server.


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