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Lovely Complex 2nd MV

Minsan madarama mo kay bigat ng problema
Minsan mahihirapan ka at masasabing “di ko makakaya”
Tumingin ka lang sa langit
Baka sakaling may masumpungan
Di kaya ako’y tawagin
Malalaman mong kahit kailan

Di kita iiwan sa paglakbay
Dito sa mundong walang katiyakan
Di kita bibitawan sa paglalakbay
Sa mundo ng kawalan

Minsan madarama mo
Ang mundo’y gumuho sa ilalim ng iyong mga paa
At ang agos ng problema’y tinatangay ka
Tumingin ka lang sa langit
Baka sakaling may masumpungan
Di kaya ako’y tawagin
Malalaman mong kahit kailan

[repeat chorus]

Wag mong sabihin nag-iisa ka
Laging isipin meron kang kasama
Narito ako oh, Narito ako

[repeat chorus]

Sa mundo ng kawalan
Hawak-kamay, Hawak-kamay
Sa mundo ng kawalan


My Lucky Star ep.01


Ah Xing met Shi San her fiance at the restaurant. They are meeting up with a client of whom they are going to sell a jewelry. Ah Xing and her fiance are con-artists and they want to sell this jewelry for they want to have funds for their wedding. Tian Qi is coming to the same restaurant to met his girlfriend Ya Rou. Tian Qi bears the news that he was able to acquire the racing contract to Italy and that she could come with him. He presents her a single earing. A jewel made by his mother and states that he wants to give it to the woman that he loves. He added that he is already wearing the other half, a sign of their engagement. “Marry me” he says.

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My Lucky Stars

Front Cover

Official website: SETTV , TTV
Cast: Jimmy Lin, Yoo Ha Na, Li Wei, Hong Xiao Ling, Li Wei Lian, Huang Yu Rong, Song Zhi Ai…
Genre: Romantic-Comedy!!!

Zhong Tian Qi, a second son of a jewelry tycoon and Xia Zhi Xing a con-artist, who is out for her probation, experience the pain of loosing their love on the same day. He’s running away from his brother’s and ex-girlfriend’s engagement party with a heirloom jewelry in tow and she is welcoming her freedom with the hopes that she will see her boyfriend again. He bumps into her and drops the jewelry in her hand, mistaken theft identities follows and hilarities ensues…

What’s unusual is that fate has hurdled them on that same day in an accident/trouble that will have them running away handcuffed together! This situation leads to more trouble, and brings these two opposing people to a hilarious yet wonderful journey, that explores the insanities that comes with love, the self-confidence to have the heart that distinguishes between sincerity and lies, and the experiences of pains and sacrifices to make love happen!

Smiling Pasta

Smiling Pasta

Chen Xiao Shi believes herself to be cursed when it comes to love, having been dumped 16 times. She is heartbroken when boyfriend number 17 breaks up with her too. He Jun is an idol singer who has just had his heart publicly broken by his longtime girlfriend, Rita, who left him for his younger brother, Ah Zhe. While evading a couple of reporters, He Jun bumps into Xiao Shi, who ends up falling on top of him and kissing him.

Pictures of their kiss are splashed all over the newspapers the next day. To avoid a scandal, He Jun’s manager/agent announces that Xiao Shi is actually He Jun’s fiancée. Xiao Shi agrees to the charade in order to not disappoint her family, who are expecting her to bring home boyfriend number 17. Thus begins the love story of Turtle Girl and Jinx (He Jun and Xiao Shi’s nicknames for each other).

Successful Story of a Bright Girl

Bright Girl

16 Episodes

Jang Nara
Jang Hyuk
Han Eun-jung
Ryu Soo-young


Poor Cha Yang-soon: she daydreams through school, is super poor and her parents are con artists. To add to her troubles, the locals have taken her away from her grandmother and sent her to Seoul to earn back all of the money her parents stole. In Seoul she discovers she’s been hired as the housekeeper for Han Gi-tae, a short-tempered young cosmetics executive she met earlier under very unusual circumstances. Gi-tae’s fiancee Yoon Na-hee immediately decides that she hates Yang-soon and does her best to torment her as often as possible. Gi-tae’s poor people skills have earned him many enemies, including his cousin Han Joon-tae; to make matters worse, Joon-tae is in love with Na-hee. Gi-tae’s increasing interest in Yang-soon leads Na-hee to conspire with Joon-tae, and Gi-tae is cheated out of the cosmetics company and he falls into poverty. Yang-soon’s determination and perpetual happiness encourage Gi-tae to form a plan to get his company back. Can Gi-tae overcome his past bad attitude, get his house and company back and win Yang-soon’s heart in the process?

My Own Thoughts: 4/5 stars
This was my very first drama ever watched. A girl who is from a countryside falls into a situation where she has to work off as a housemaid to payoff her parents debt. The storyline is perfectly executed and the main character’s chemistry sizzles through the screen. This drama is enjoyable to watch except the dragging parts to where they have to win his company back. The delivery of their lines is perfect, specially Yang-soon’s countryside accent! The characters’ emotions are well portrayed, and can be felt throughout the drama specially in my favorite scene. T_T

A must see! And good to own for its enjoyable value!

Full House


16 episodes

Song Hye Gyo
Rain (bi)
Han Eun Jeung

After returning from her vacation, aspiring author Han Ji Eun discovers that her family home has been sold – without her consent – to famous actor Lee Young Jae. Young Jae has been trying to hide out from some nasty rumors about his sexuality and sees a perfect opportunity: he and Ji Eun will enter into a contractual marriage and pretend to be a real couple. In exchange, Ji Eun will do the cooking and cleaning and the house will be hers again after six months. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! Young Jae has been allowing the rumors to fly because he’s really too afraid to tell his childhood friend Kang Hae Won that he’s in love with her. Hae Won is blissfully unaware of Young Jae’s feelings because she is love with their other childhood friend, Yoo Min Hyuk. As if that weren’t enough of a love tangle, Ji Eun starts to fall for Young Jae despite their promise to keep things ‘just business’, and Min Hyuk starts to fall for Ji Eun. Will everyone end up happy, or will there be more than one broken heart?

My Own thoughts: 5/5
This drama is a romantic-comedy drama that was adapted from a manwha with the same name. It’s a show that is veering away from the tragic, sad dramas on that year. I gave this a perfect 5 star because it only not satisfied me with its happy ending, but the characters left me breathless, wanting the drama to continue and never end. When I watch this drama, it seems that I am in my own world, laughing away my problems.

The character’s interaction and chemistry is more than a hundred percent. The portrayal of each actor on their persona emits through them and as I watch them, I don’t see them as the actors but the character they portray. There never was a dull moment in this drama, its just perfect, and because of my obsession I bought the original from YESASIA.COM and its well worth it!

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Oh Dal Ja MV (lyrics)

Sunny (Feat. J)
romanization by: tsiy (also credit:

Oh my boy baby boy
Oh how I do love you

Oh my boy oh my boy
Oh how I do need you

Yo hanappunin namanui geunyeo-ege
na oneul namanui sarangeul gobaekae
saranghae hangsang nae gyeote isseo jullae
hanappunin namanui geunyeo-ege
na oneul uri-ui sarangeul yakssokae
yeongweoni forever

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