Rain’s Coming: Live in Toronto


After my class last Monday, I went to Pacific Mall for the sole purpose of buyin kimchee. And to my surprise! A big, humongous poster of Rain is posted, only indicating the month that he is to come. But even so, I was delighted!!!! And with my luck, a friend of mine gave me a flyer for his concert date!!! My friends and I are planning to see it for sure!!!!!

“Rain Live in Toronto! June 9, 2007 at Molson Ampitheater”


2 responses to “Rain’s Coming: Live in Toronto

  • lesley

    hey…as mother’s day is approaching in may, i thought it would be nice to buy my mom winter’s sonata (dvd). I’m not familiar with buying K-dramas…but I thought you may be able to help me…where can I purchase winter’s sonata in toronto. At the pacific mall??? please help me. thanks!

  • Rika-san

    Hi! You cay buy a lot Korean Dramas at the Pacific Mall, but I won’t recommend it, specially if you are particular with DVD quality subs. Most of the time I buy my Dramas from:

    1. http://www.freewebs.com/dramaok/
    This site sells the winter sonata, “Original Content”, contact the seller to indicate that you want to buy the specific drama (Winter Sonata-KBS Production) and tell the seller where are you located and also specify if you want to have a case and printed covered DVDs.

    Send an email first to ask if they have the ORIGINAL Dvds, because you dont want to buy the same qualities as what you can easily acquire at the Pacific mall.

    You might ask, why I dont buy Dramas from Pacific Mall? It’s because the subtitles are translated from HK translations and it comes off as broken english with wrong grammars and wrong spelling that sometimes you can’t even comprehend what the characters are saying.

    Hope that this is informational.

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