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Lovely Complex

This is a Jmovie, that is based from the manga with the same name. Lovely Complex is about two High School students Atsushi Otani (played by Koike) and Risa Koizumi (played by Fujisawa). Atsushi is really short, and Risa is very tall, A girl and a boy who vowed never to fall in love with someone who is not matching in height until the two gradually become attracted to each other while coping with their respective height complexes.
You can watch the movie in its entirety: HERE

After watching this movie, I cant resist but make a tribute musicvideo for it. Don’t forget to leave your comments here and your comments are greatly appreciated! Please see the video below.



As someone requested, I am posting the lyrics for one of the theme songs that I had used for one of my MVs. Please Scroll below to see the Korean and the english translation of the lyrics.


Oh moributho balkuthkaji da sarangsurowo
oh niga naui yojaranun ge jarangsurowo
gidarimi julgobgo ijen gonggimajo
dalkomhe irohge norul saranghe

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Fleeting Moments

16.jpgHave you ever paused and ponder things to yourself? How the things around you have changed and some have gone and been forgotten?

I sometimes look back and realize how different I am now from what I was before. I used to be an insecure little girl who thinks that she is one of those non-popular kids at school. I live my life in doubt, doubting of what I'm capable of, doubting where am I headed, can I make it? Those are questions that plagued me back in the day.

Now, I have realized that I have changed into a person far from my old self. I live life little step at a time. Breathing in its beauty, and making the most of each day. Life can change an instant, without you knowing it. Taking each step with mustered confidence that I could possibly muster. Facing each trials with triumphant smiles.

Each moment spent with my love ones are cherished and treasured.

I'm moving forward but never forgets to look back. Each path I take is a journey, they may be just fleeting events but they are precious moments that are etched in me.

I think I should post here more, specially when I get a sudden jolt of writer's itch. he he he..

2.Zhuan Shu Tian Shi (hana kimi OST)

Zhuan Shu Tian Shi


wo bu hui guai ni dui wo de wei zhuang
tian shi zai ren jian shi gai cang hao chi pang
ren men yu chun lu mang er ni xiang xi shan liang
zen neng rang ni wei le wo bei peng shang

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1. Zen Me Ban (What to do) S.H.E. hana kimi OST

為什麼 你為什麼 老是把空氣全都吸光了
wei she me ni wei she me lao shi ba kong quan xi guang le
害得我 你害得我 在你面前呼吸急促需要叫救護車
hai de wo ni hai de wo zai ni mian qian hu xi ji cu xu yao jiao jiu hu che
別看我 先別看我 我的臉紅就快要爆料了
bie kan wo xian bie kan wo wo di lian hong jiu kuai bao liao le
沒什麼 哪有什麼 我是絕對不會承認我喜歡你了
mei she me na you she me wo shi jue dui bu hui cheng ren wo xi huan ni le

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Hanakimi Taiwanese Drama

A new Taiwanese Drama based off HanaKimi is currently airing, titled ‘Hanasama Shōnen Shōjo’ or ‘Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu

Hanakimi drama

Rui Xi is a fan of high jump. One day, while watching a high jump tournament, she came across Quan. He’s a guy her age and is a high jump champion. Since then, Rui Xi idolized Quan. She finally decided to go to the same high school he goes to. The problem is, she lives in San Francisco and he lives in Japan. But an even bigger problem is that Quan goes to an all-boys boarding school! Romance, Gender Bending Comedy filled story awaits in HANA KIMI.


Ella as Lu Rui Xi (Manga Character: Ashiya Mizuki)
Wu Zun as Zuo Yi Quan (Manga Character: Sano Izumi)
Jiro Wang as Jin Xiu Yi (Manga Character: Nakatsu Shuichi)
Tang Zhi Ping as Mei Tian (Manga Character:Umeda Hokuto – the school doctor)
Tang Yu Zhe as Liang Si Nan (Manga Character: Nanba Minami)
Xie He Xuan as Da Shu
Chen Wen Xiang as Jiang Ye Shen
Xie Zheng Hao as Guan Ri Hui
Yang Hao Wei as Li Cheng Yang
Zhang Hao Ming as Wang Tian Si (Manga Character: Megumi Tennouji)
Duncan as Yuan Qiu Ye (Manga Character: Hara Akiha)
Ruan Jing Tian as Shen Yue (Manga Character: Kagurazaka Makoto – Sano’s rival)
Joelle Lu as Abby
JJ Lin as Lu Jin Xi (Manga Character: Ashiya Shizuki C. – Mizuki’s older brother)