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Hi!  Since I have nothing better to do, these days, I have decided to make synopsis or reviews on dramas that I have seen.  Yes, I am a drama addict,  I have a collection of them all!!! And since, my friend wants me to list them for her,  you will see below the titles of dramas that I have seen.

1. Successful story of Bright Girl

2. My Love Patzzi

3. Full House

4. Attic Cat

5. Sweet 18

6. Let’s Go to School Sang Doo

7. She is Nineteen.

8. Miss Kim’s Million Dollar Quest.

9. To Marry A Millionaire.

10. My Lovely Sam Soon

11. What Star are you from?

12. 18 vs. 29

13. Snow White, Taste Sweet Love

14. Winter Sonata

15. Friends

16. Endless Love

17. Only You

18. Delightful Girl Chun Hyang

19. Fireworks

20. My Girl

21. Goong

22. I Really Really Like You.

23. Rude Woman

24. Hard Track Teacher and Star Candy

25. A  Love to Kill (w/c is sadly disappointing)

26. Singles/Soulmate

27. Sweet Spy

28. Couple of Fantasy

29. Great Inheritance

30. Lovers (Currently Watching)

31. Over The Rainbow

32.  Spring Waltz (Dragging drama)




Dust and cobwebs are everywhere.  Boxes are piled altogether in one side giving enough space for a person to move around in the cluttered room.  Ira is cleaning the attic in her house, sorting books and other things that are for keepsake and ones that could be given away.


“Oh my God! I can’t believe the junk in this room!”  She muttered to herself as she continues to open boxes.  She came across a box that is taped and it seems that it was forgotten to be opened when the move happened.


She walked towards the box and her leg brushed the corner of piled books. The books starts to wobble, but she is quick enough to stop the books from falling.


“Whew, that was close.”  She sighed.  THUD!


“OUCH!!”  She yelped and looked towards the thing that had hit her and had fallen to the floor. She moved to pick up a hard covered black book.  She blew off the dust and wiped it with her dry towel.  She flipped the pages and it seems that it’s someone’s diary.  She thought they might be a name somewhere and looked for it to no avail, except see the initials R.J. “Who could this be?” She wondered.   Peeked by her interest, she chose a place to sit down and carefully turned the first page…


“It’s all dark clouds and rain! When will my silver lining come?”  She read out loud.